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Hassle-Free and Flexible

Our modern, Ultra-Flexible tubing and form-fitting nosepiece make this cannula far more comfortable than anything else available.

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nasal cannula
nasal cannula

Nasal cannulas of various sizes and shapes

Ultra-flexible tubing and a form-fitting nosepiece combine to make this the most comfortable cannula on the market. It doesn't need to be tight so no sores under the nose and behind the ears.

No more bloody noses, nosepiece doesn't move when the head is moved, is stretchy and can be pulled away from the face temporarily to blow nose, it comes out of the package with no curls in the tubing, lightweight nosepiece stays in place easier, tubing remains flexible in cold weather

oxygen cannula
nasal cannula
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oxygen cannula

Extension Hose

Our extension hose comes in 4 sizes. Our tubing lays flat on the floor so your feet won't get caught underneath. It also resists twisting and kinking. Available for $40.

Remote Control Flow Valve

Remotely controls flow from sitting position. Two position valve is open to let the concentrator control flow and closed to let the valve control flow. It may not work with some water bottle humidifiers and no it does not hurt the concentrator.

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san diego, california
oxygen cannula
united states
nasal cannula
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Designed to Enhance Your Life

  • No tripping and kinking with our tubing

  • Softer & more flexible cannulas

  • Less distracting / far more comfortable

  • Lighter & less visible

Find out how our cannulas are life-changing.

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"I am delighted with the "oh so soft" cannula which I just received a few days ago. It completely did away with ear irritation I experience while wearing a conventional cannula overnight. I hardly realize that I am wearing it. Thank you for publishing your article last issue about it and to Paul Thompson for developing it. It is a great product and I highly recommend it."

--Earl Richmond, Arizona

"I had ordered one of the new soft cannula's that you made. It came this past week and it is wonderful. I hardly know that I am even wearing one. It feels especially good at night when I go to bed. Thank you very much."

--Bill Anderson, Wisconsin

"The nose piece is what I had in mind...I just love the cannulas they are so soft and easy for me. It is so gentle on my skin... I am enjoying the use and it is so lite weight."

--Nancy Peterson, Maryland

"Yesterday I received one of Paul Thompson's soft cannulas and used it last nite. I couldn't even tell I was wearing a cannula, I had to keep checking during the nite to see if it was still on. This has to be the most comfortable cannula ever made."

--Bill Holford, Colorado

"It works beautifully..............That's why I ordered another one!!!"

--Audrey Slein, Illinois

"I received the tubing and cannula that I ordered in the mail yesterday. I wanted to let you know I am very satisfied with both. The cannula is much softer and the tubing really does lie flat on the floor. I hope that they soon will become available through our medical suppliers."

--Rita Slater, Pennsylvania

"The cannula that we just purchased from you is exactly all you said it would be. I am going to order a few more."

 --Jim Gardina, Florida

A message from my Aunt Delores:


“Dear Paul: Thanks for forwarding the email referring to your 50 ft. supple hose as "heavenly hose". This is the most apt description I have heard to date about this hose, which I don't think you stress enough. Never having been tethered to an oxygen concentrator you have no idea what a frustrating problem the conventional hose is. Due to the conventional hose being stiff, it easily twists and tangles and as it has a "memory" the act of straightening the hose only makes it tangle easier the next time as the memory of the twist is still there. My husband often had to untangle me twice a day. I had to sit down as he disengaged the hose at the concentrator and removed my cannula while he was straightening it out. If I was having a bad day breathing wise, I would use my portable oxygen during this process. This was annoying, to say the least, and at times my oxygen supply did not go through the twisted hose again giving me a big problem. My husband was as much a prisoner as I was.


I have my concentrator centrally located so that I can reach most areas of my home allowing me freedom to move around as best I can. However, when I moved to remote areas (such as the bathroom, bedroom or computer room), I had to make sure my husband was here because if my hose kinked or twisted or came loose from the concentrator, I was in tough shape. This made life difficult for both of us. There were times that he had to be outside to do yard work or go to the store so I made sure I had what I needed and stayed put until he returned. Until you are 30 feet from your concentrator and you lose your oxygen supply because of a twist or the hose comes loose-you don't know what a panic situation you can be in. No air, no way to get to it, and no one to help. This can keep you sitting still when you are alone.


Since I received my "heavenly hose," these twists are a thing of the past. I can now move freely throughout my home without fear of the hose twisting and shutting off my oxygen supply. The only thing I do is hold the connector between my cannula and 4 ft. connector hose where it connects to the 50 foot tether and if I get hung up on something I do not have to worry about losing my oxygen. I simply backtrack and loosen the tether and go on about my business. My husband feels free to be outside, go to the store and resume a more normal life. I feel free to move about my house with far more freedom and life is much more pleasant. Living with oxygen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is no picnic, but at least your "heavenly hose" has made my problem much more bearable and I thank you. Please let people know how wonderful the tether hose is. I truthfully don't think you know how much this has helped and I hope others in my situation can start using this great hose and regain some freedom and peace of mind that I have experienced. One more thought-when cold weather arrives all of your customers have a surprise in store for them. This hose and your cannulas do not react like the conventional hose and get stiff and unyielding. It stays soft and supple, the nose pieces don't feel like ice picks in your nostrils and going out in the cold is no longer a problem. Wonder of wonders! I know whereof I speak as I have field tested this equipment or quite awhile and I will only be happy when the day arrives that your comfortable cannulas and supple "heavenly hose" are mass produced and available to everyone. I would like all users to be as comfortable as I am.”


 --Love, Aunt Delores


Why choose SoftHose?


Are you sick of being held back by uncomfortable tubes and not being able to fully live life? Then, we have the latest upgrade to make life easier for you. Here at SoftHose, we have created a new, top of line cannula technology. Our nasal cannulas are softer and more flexible. They are also less irritating on your ears and nose, so you will hardly even know it is there. Our tubes are also lighter and less visible. Get your cannulas today, and stop letting yourself be held. Breathe in comfort!


How long is the extension tubing?


Our original super soft no-kink extension tubing is available in 15 ft, 25 ft, 35 ft or 50 ft lengths. It lays flat so it is not a tripping hazard, and the tubing does not get kinks.


How do I purchase your cannulas?

We are an online store that does purchases through check and credit card via PayPal. You can go to the ‘Online Store’ tab and select the cannulas and tubing you are interested in and add it to your cart. Please call us if you need assistance with anything.


When did you first start?


Our first improved nasal cannula was engineered by Thompson Engineering in 1999. We have been producing them ever since to provide the world with a better experience.