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Changes to our cannulas


Valve with swivel

We have changed how we make our cannulas. Rather than adding a four or seven foot length of tubing, we will provide a piece of tubing that is re-used with each new cannula. (This does not affect the high flow or the dual cannulas). This allows you to switch between a home concentrator and a portable unit or oxygen bottle while wearing the same cannula. It also allows you to place a flow control valve or a swivel much closer to you. You don't need the add-on hose by plugging the 50-foot extension hose to the cannula.  The add-on hose is four feet in length and uses our 3/16" hose. This length can be customized. The reason for this change is mainly because we are almost out of the tubing and we are told there is a seven month wait to get more made. But it will also help us if we sell on Amazon. We won't have to stock so many different combinations, just regular, lite and narrow. It also cuts down on the space needed to store all that tubing. While it is better for us, we believe it will be better for you too. And it is better for the earth.



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