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Cannula Hose

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This re-usable section of 3/16" tubing connects to the end of our zero length cannula. It allows you to keep the same cannula on when you switch from the home concentrator to a portable unit or oxygen tanks. It comes with a tubing clip to absorb the weight or drag of tubing. A male barbed connector mates with a female on the cannula. The barb can be removed turning the hose end to a female connection, if needed. This is not a requirement for use however. Your 50-foot extension hose can be connected to the cannula directly.

Special lengths are available by request.

We are now providing our cannulas without a main hose. A separate reusable hose is connected to the cannula. This allows a remote control flow valve (or swivel) to be connected at chest level. It also allows the same cannula to be used with different hose configurations. For example a seven foot length of hose could be connected to the concentrator hose with a swivel. The other end of the hose could have a remote control flow valve attached. This hose assembly would connect to the cannula for home use. Another hose, four feet long connects to a portable unit on one end and has a double ended male barb connector on the other. The barb end connects to the cannula. The concentrator hose can be connected to the cannula without an in-between hose for a minimal approach. So, all in all, the zero length cannula (C-0 and CL-0) offers more flexibility and uses fewer of earth's resources.
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