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Extension Tubing H-X

No trip, no kink
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Our extension tubing lays flat on the floor so user's foot doesn’t get caught under it. The material is stretchy, like rubber, and won’t yank user's head around if it catches on something. It also resists getting twisted into loops that kink time after time. There will be no needs to disconnect O2 to unwind the tubing.

In cold temperatures the tubing doesn’t stiffen like regular types. Tubes come in various lengths. Female connector is on both ends. A male to male connector is provided to connect to a cannula.

This tube can last up to 10 months depending on user's type of floor (carpet being more friendly). Use household cleaner to remove stains on the outside of tubing when needed.

Special lengths can also be requested. All lengths below 10 feet will be charged the 10 foot price. Please order a 10 foot version and specify the length.

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