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Lite Cannula

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Lite cannulas have a smaller nosepiece with smaller prongs that go in the nose. They are good up to 5 liters per minute. These are our most comfortable cannulas. Don’t be afraid of losing oxygen with the smaller size. Whatever goes into the line at the concentrator end will come out the other end.


We are now providing our cannulas without a main hose. A separate reusable hose is connected to the cannula. This allows a remote control flow valve (or swivel) to be connected at chest level. It also allows the same cannula to be used with different hose configurations. For example a seven foot length of hose could be connected to the concentrator hose with a swivel. The other end of the hose could have a remote control flow valve attached. This hose assembly would connect to the cannula for home use. Another hose, four feet long connects to a portable unit on one end and has a double ended male barb connector on the other. The barb end connects to the cannula. The concentrator hose can be connected to the cannula without an in-between hose for a minimal approach. So, all in all, the zero length cannula (C-0 and CL-0) offers more flexibility and uses fewer of earth's resources.

In 10 quantities, lites and regulars and/or lengths can be mixed. (ex. 5 C-0, 5 CL-0)

Make checks payable to Paul Thompson.

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