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Lite Tubeless Cannula CL-0

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With a smaller nosepiece than that of a standard cannula, Lite cannula is our most comfortable product. They are good up to 5 liters per minute. Don’t be afraid of losing oxygen with the smaller size. Whatever goes into the line at the concentrator end will come out the other end.

The key to comfort is that user doesn't have to pull the tubing tight to keep the nosepiece in place. As a result, no more sores under the nose or on the ears, no grooves on the face and no feeling of strangulation. The prongs are slightly angled inward to match the angle of the nose. Maintaining the proper pointing of the prongs is key to preventing nosebleeds. The oxygen must be directed down the middle to avoid drying the nasal walls. Mainstream cannulas are hit and miss in this regard. The tubing has a stretchy feel and can easily be pulled away to sneeze or blow one's nose without loosening or removing the cannula.

This cannula can be directly connected to a long extension hose (at home) or to our Cannula Hose H-X for use with a portable tank. This cannula can also be connected to a Flow Control Valve to keep it at user's chest level

In 10 quantities, Lites and standard and/or lengths can be mixed. (ex. 5 C-0, 5 CL-0)

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