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Our original super soft oxygen cannula. This has stood the test of time and is generally regarded the most comfortable cannula available anywhere. The tubing we use is extremely supple so you can turn your head from side to side without pulling the cannula sideways like a saw under your nose. No need to cinch it tight and this eliminates pressure sores under the nose and over the ears. The face-fitting nosepiece naturally fits the contours of the face so it naturally stays in place and is pointed correctly. The prongs are molded so the oxygen doesn't blow on the nasal sidewalls which avoids nosebleeds from dried skin. Most other cannulas rely on the stiff tubing to keep the prongs upright. If you get one that was glued slightly off, it can blow dry oxygen against the nasal walls. The tubing we use is easily stretched so the nosepiece can be pulled away to blow ones nose or whatever without removing the cannula. Our cannulas hang straight down after removing from the package as opposed to the the curly mess other cannulas have from being wound into a coil. The tendency for plastic to take a set is called memory and our tubing has almost none. This tubing maintains its flexibility in sub-zero temperatures that can cause others to snap. The tubing we use is made by one company. The reason you don't see it used by other manufacturers is because it doesn't work with ordinary nosepieces. These rely on the stiffness of the tubing to keep the prongs pointing in the right direction. With super soft tubing the top-heavy nosepiece just falls over. Another reason it isn't used is because it is so expensive. But that is what it takes to make a truly comfortable cannula. Some people that use these for the first time may wake up at night in a panic thinking the cannula has fallen out. This should go away once you realize that they are still in.

Available with 7 foot or 4 foot extension tubing. Type in custom lengths in the "additional information" box.

The length is measured from the fork (2 into 1) connector to the end connector.

We have added a zero foot version where it ends at the fork connector. This leaves you with a 3/16" diameter flexible female socket to plug in a swivel, remote control valve or extension tubing. These are a dollar less.

Packs of 10 are $80.

In 10 quantities, lites and regulars and/or lengths can be mixed. (ex. 5-C7, 3-C3, 2-CL4)

Make checks payable to Paul Thompson.

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