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Remote Control Flow Valve

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Our flow valve was inspired by a customer who wanted some way to reduce oxygen flow without having to call for his wife. It is usually connected between the cannula and extension hose where it can easily be reached. When the valve is open, the oxygen flow is set at the concentrator as needed. Closing the valve reduces flow to a calibrated level which is specified at checkout. It doesn’t harm the concentrator and is the same as turning down the flow on the control panel. In some cases it can cause a problem when used with a humidifier. It thinks someone stepped on the hose and the alarm will squeal. Our cannulas can be used without humidifiers so it can be removed if desired.

The valve comes with male connectors on both sides and a female adapter that slips over one of the males. Direction of flow does not matter.

This only works on oxygen supplies that use a float-ball to set the flow. This eliminates many portable concentrators that try to hold the flow constant.

Some people have asked if they could adjust the flow somewhere in between max and min and the answer is yes. However, there are no markings to tell what the flow is. In order to use it this way, you can watch the float ball on the concentrator or oxygen tank and adjust the knob until the flow is what you want. It will be up to you to memorize or mark the valve position at this flow.

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