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Remote Control Flow Valve

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Our Flow Control Valve was inspired by a customer who wanted some way to reduce oxygen flow without having to call for help. It is designed to be connected between a cannula and an extension hose. Using a short cannula (4 foot or shorter) in conjunction with this valve is highly recommended as to not only keep it within reach but also eliminate risks of stepping on it while moving around.

When the valve is open, set the concentrator at highest prescribed flow. By turning the Valve's handle, flow is reduced to a calibrated level which is specified at checkout. Some users express concerns about the harms to their concentrator but it's no difference to turn down the flow remotely or at the concentrator. This Valve can cause a concentrator to squeal when used with a humidifier and also when the hose being stepped on long enough.

This only works on oxygen supplies that have a float-ball for setting the flow. This eliminates many portable sources that are unable to hold the flow constant.

Some people have asked if they could adjust the flow somewhere in between max and min and the answer is yes. However, there are no markings to tell what the flow is. At the beginning, user can experimentally turns the valve's handle and observe how the flow changes by watching the floating ball while sitting next to his/her concentrator. He/she will then be able to get the valve works to their advantage.

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