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Standard Cannula C-X

The world's most comfortable cannula since 1999
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Our original super soft oxygen cannula has stood the test of time and is generally regarded the most comfortable cannula available anywhere. The proprietary PVC tubing we use is extremely supple so you can turn your head from side to side without pulling the nosepiece sideways. The key to comfort is that user doesn't have to pull the tubing tight to keep the nosepiece in place. As a result, no more sores under the nose or on the ears, no grooves on the face and no feeling of strangulation. The prongs are slightly angled inward to match the angle of the nose. Maintaining the proper pointing of the prongs is key to preventing nosebleeds. The oxygen must be directed down the middle to avoid drying the nasal walls. Mainstream cannulas are hit and miss in this regard. The tubing has a stretchy feel and can easily be pulled away to sneeze or blow one's nose without loosening or removing the cannula.

In 10 quantities, lengths and Lites/Standard Cannulas can be mixed. (ex. 2 C-0, 3 C-4, 5 CL-7)

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